Palm Tree Removal Cairns

Palm Tree Maintenance and Removal Cairns

Palm trees are an incredible asset to the outdoor area of your home or business when they are well looked after. The trees exude the warmth and fun of a tropical climate, creating an inviting surrounding for visitors, and an enviable characteristic within your property. However, while the trees can provide an incredible backdrop, there is also plenty to consider in the way of upkeep or removal of palm trees in Cairns. Our skilled professionals have all the know-how that you need.

There are roughly 2600 species within this botanical family, which means there is plenty of variation in the required temperature, light, and soil when caring for your palm tree. Additionally, while some palm trees are ‘self-cleaning’—or shed their leaves and pods on their own accord—many require regular trimming and maintenance to keep them looking lovely.

This is where we can help!

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of arborists is familiar with all the best approaches to either care for your palm tree, or safely take care of your palm tree removal. Doing this yourself can be not only dangerous but also damaging if done incorrectly.

Our Services

Palm Tree Removal

Palm Tree removal is our speciality and requires experience in the safe removal of all materials. We have extensive experience nationally.

Palm Tree Sculpting

Palm Tree Sculpting ensures your palm tree looks its best and remains healthy throughout its life.

Palm Tree Shaving

This approach helps with maintaining the health of your palm tree. Shaving also gives the trunk a smooth surface, leaving it looking great

Palm Tree Pruning

This service gives your palm trees an even spread of fronds, and improves its aesthetics the fronds are discolouring.

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