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Palm Tree Pruning

Professional Palm Tree Pruning Service in Cairns

Palm trees are a magnificent addition to gardens when they are well looked after. Their unique shape is a reminder of all things tropical, meaning they are a popular choice for outdoor settings around Australia. However, the healthy climate of Cairns—in addition to moderate rainfall—means that these incredible trees grow quite quickly here. Before you know it, the fronds (or leaves) of palm trees can become messy and unkempt. As time goes by, the tree will also sporadically shed them, leaving an unattractive look. It is with this in mind that you should consider professional palm tree pruning for your Cairns property.

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When Do I Need Palm Tree Pruning?

If you take a good look at your palms, you will often notice that old fronds will discolour, sag, or even fall to the area below. When this occurs, the tree is left with an uneven and unattractive look, while the excess debris can create a fire hazard and a home for unwanted pests. As the new fronds grow, the old ones will be even more contrasted against the fresh green—so much so that the palm can look unpleasant. If your palm isn’t looking too good, or if you notice that the fronds are brown or droopy then it’s probably time to get palm tree pruning done.

Can I Do Palm Tree Pruning Myself?

We all know the fulfilling feeling of putting on the gardening gloves and getting the knees dirty on a Sunday afternoon. However, the reality of having a palm tree is that they are quite difficult to maintain yourself. Some palms can be utterly massive, so to access the fronds at the top it requires the use of safety gear and/or hydraulic lifts. Additionally, when pruning a palm, there is really quite a lot to know in the way of techniques that are utilised to keep your tree healthy.

Over-pruning can lead to issues of over-exposure, water runoff problems, or even disease. Furthermore, if not done correctly, the pruning can leave your tree looking unsightly. Our team of arborists is highly skilled and passionate about caring for your palm trees. We are experienced in palm tree pruning and the various approaches to keep your tree healthy and looking fantastic.

Call The Professionals

If you’ve been checking out your trees and you can see that they aren’t looking too great, it is probably time to employ the help of skilled arborists. By contacting us today, we can provide you with advice on what type of maintenance your palm trees might need. We not only offer all the relevant upkeep services in a safe and comprehensive manner, but we can also complete palm tree removals if you are looking for a change.

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