Palm Tree Removal Cairns

Palm Tree Removal

Why do I Need Palm Tree Removal in Cairns

Palm trees are a significant addition to any property. They are tall and vibrant, giving off an exotic feel to the surrounding landscape. Although our tropical Cairns climate means that the trees often thrive, they can also experience problems along the way.

Without the proper maintenance, palm trees can become unattractive and unhealthy. Given their tall structure, the trees can also pose a safety threat when crazy weather rolls through. It is with this in mind that palm trees may need to be removed. However, their size and shape mean that this can be a difficult job.

Can I Do It Myself?

In the instance of wanting to have a palm tree removed, there is no substitute for bringing in professional arborists such as ourselves. It is a dangerous procedure and can also be damaging to your property if done incorrectly. We are highly skilled in the required approaches and will ensure the procedure is completed safely, comprehensively and with your property’s condition at the forefront of our mind

Why Should I Remove My Palm Tree?

Palm trees are not always suitable for the property. In the right setting, they can create such an inviting charm, but there are a number of reasons why you might not want to keep one around.

Inclement Weather. Let’s face it; Cairns weather can be a little bit crazy sometimes. We reap the benefits of living in a tropical climate, but our geographic position means that we are often met with treacherous and unpredictable conditions.

The sheer size of palm trees can create safety hazards when met with harsh winds, especially due to the likelihood of fronds and pods falling once they are damaged. If people are nearby they, could get hurt.

Health Issues. Like any natural species, palm trees are not immune to illness. If they are not provided with the right mix of climate, water and TLC, palm trees can be affected by various issues such as discolouring, fungus, and root rot. If becomes too difficult to maintain then sometimes the wisest decision is to have it removed.

Aesthetics. We all want our properties looking great. But when a palm tree experiences problems or just isn’t in the right surroundings, it can create an odd or unsightly look to your pride and joy. A tropical vibe isn’t always what you need. If palm trees aren’t the right fit for your outdoor setting you may just need to decide to say goodbye.

Renovations/Extension. The time may come when you might need to reinvent your outdoor setting or utilise space a little more wisely. In this instance, the palms could be a sacrifice that needs to be made. A professional palm tree removal will mean that they can be safely removed and the area left clean and tidy.

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