Palm Tree Removal Cost

Palm Tree Removal Cost

Palm Tree Removal Cost Cairns

At Palm Tree Removal Cairns, we provide a cost-effective removal service to all property types. For palms big and small, and on commercial and residential properties, we have the equipment, experience and knowledge to complete the task.

We provide free consultations and quoting for palm tree removal on Cairns’ properties. Our professional team will look at several factors when assessing what way to extract a tree, all of which will affect the cost of removal.


The condition and exact type of the tree will affect the price due to timing. Some trees require approval before they can be removed. Some trees can be difficult to remove, especially if they are not healthy. This means that excess care must be taken to ensure that branches don’t drop and cause damage to the surrounding area.

Access and Position

The position of the tree on the property will also affect the cost of the extraction. With easy access the process is faster, however, if the tree is difficult to get to, moving equipment and debris will take longer, causing the price to go up. During the consultation phase, one of the Palm Tree Removal Cairns experts will make an educated decision as to how difficult the removal will be in a given space.

The Palm Tree Size

The size of the tree will determine which equipment will be needed and how long the process will take. A larger palm in Cairns will commonly need more team members to ensure its safe removal and therefore increase the price. If the tree is smaller, the waste removal and access will be more simple.

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