Palm Tree Sculpting Cairns

Palm Tree Sculpting

What is Palm Tree Sculpting in Cairns?

Here in Cairns we are proud of our beautiful surroundings, so we want to do everything we possibly can to make your outdoor setting look incredible. When palm trees are well looked after, there is not much more appealing and inviting than these wonderful presents from mother nature.

The shape of the tree is synonymous with a stunning tropical climate; it represents the city of Cairns perfectly. However, the sheer fact is that palm trees require ongoing maintenance to ensure they are viewed with the delightful manner that you wish them to be. If you take pride in your home, palm tree sculpting will ensure the landscape looks immaculate.

When Do I Need Palm Tree Sculpting?

Many of us adore our outdoor areas due to the pleasant nature of palm trees. If well looked after, they can be the main feature of any garden setting. However, have you ever noticed any discolouring or sagging throughout the upper parts of the tree? That’s likely to be an issue with the new growth struggling to find uniformity against the old.

While this is a natural aspect of the life of a palm tree, it can leave them looking unattractive and also inhibit new growth. It stops your tree from reaching its full potential. In the instance that your tree is of the ‘self-cleaning’ type that sheds it fronds, this can also be hazardous to the area below.

What Does Palm Tree Sculpting Involve?

If you think your outdoor area is looking a touch unattractive compared to the beauty of Cairns, it’s probably a good idea to book in a palm tree sculpting. But what does this actually entail?

In the event of you booking a palm tree sculpting, one of our highly skilled arborists will attend your home. Using safety equipment, they will head towards the top of your tree. Depending on the thickness of the lower parts of the tree, they may use a chainsaw to remove the unwanted fronds. They will especially look to remove ones that have sagged or discoloured from weather and age.

Our professional service also includes the removal of the excess fronds and accumulated debris from the process. We leave your garden beautiful and tidy, so you don’t have to worry about anything from start to finish.

Can I do it myself?

Without the professional understanding of palm tree growth, it is not recommended that you undertake palm tree sculpting yourself as you could end up irreversibly harming the tree. Additionally, due to the natural height of palm trees, it can be extremely dangerous if the correct safety equipment is not utilised. Using the proper gear means we can access high, or confined spaces while also remaining mindful of power lines when necessary.

Contact The Professionals

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