Palm Tree Shaving Cairns

Palm Tree Shaving

What is Palm Tree Shaving in Cairns

The reality of having a palm tree is that there is plenty of work behind the scenes to get them looking amazing. Due to the unpredictable weather conditions we receive here in Cairns, the trees can become damaged from high winds, or they could even develop health issues from poor light or soil. Additionally, the lifecycle of their natural growth actually inhibits the tree when the correct upkeep methods are not employed. This means that the gorgeous potential of your palms is left with much to desire. Palm tree shaving is a method that can keep your trees looking pristine and your garden looking fab.

When Do I Need Palm Tree Shaving?

Looking after a Cairns garden is a challenge in itself, but knowing exactly what each type of plant or tree needs is where it can get tricky. When compared to other species, palm trees are really quite odd. They have a long, rough trunk that leads to a full spread of outward-sprouting fronds at the top. As a result, there a few areas of a palm tree that need upkeep. You’ll need to utilise palm shaving when the trunk of your tree looks overtly rough or patchy. This can be from uneven growth or through fronds sagging or dying.

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What Does Palm Tree Shaving Involve?

If you think that your tree isn’t looking too great, you might wish to employ the services of palm tree shaving. However, you’re probably wondering what methods we employ to have your palms looking like the envy of the town. Our professionals will set up apparatus to scale your palm and systematically even out the trunk with uniformity from bottom to top. Using various tools and equipment, we will cut away the excess to ensure your palm is left immaculate and attractive to the eye.

Can I Do It Myself?

Although it’s a great feeling to take pride in your garden and get your hands dirty, the truth of owning palms is that they need professional upkeep. Due to the size of palm trees, shaving them is quite a dangerous task. It often involves accessing hard to reach or confined spaces. Without the use of safety equipment, there is a very real risk of injury. Additionally, if you were to cut away too much or shave the wrong spots you could make the tree sick. With this in mind, it is highly recommended that you avoid doing it yourself. Give yourself peace of mind and contact the professionals to get it done correctly.

A Professional Touch

Keep your home looking fantastic is our priority. Our experienced team of arborists provide the most measured and comprehensive palm tree shaving service that Cairns has to offer.

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